Vacation done right Vacation done right

Vacation done right

December 28, 2022 by Promo Team

Product Number: 634-00

Description: Zuma

Industry:  Corporate/executive gift

What it was purchased for:  A manufacturing firm is taking their top 50 salespeople on a trip to the Bahamas. The Zuma backpack cooler imprinted and filled with goodies for the salespeople and their guests as a room drop. The bag was a hit! The guests could fill the backpack up with snacks and drinks while exploring the islands, and were able to take home a part of their epic vacation.

How it was distributed: At event

Result or ROI: Motivation, Motivation, Motivation……The sales team was pumped, along with their families/quests! They thought the Zuma backpack goodie bags were such a nice touch to their event and a great way to incorporate something practically they can now use for life. Yes, we said life! All products carry a Built-To-Last Lifetime Guarantee.


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