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Fabio Viviani Carovana Set Of 3 Acacia Serving Bowls with Nested Glass Bowls, (Acacia Wood)

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Three bowls with three bowls inside? Yes. Yes. Yes.

SKU: 967-00-506-000-9

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Care instructions: Hand wash all components with warm water and mild detergent. Towel dry immediately. To prevent wood from warping and cracking, do not submerge in water. Not dishwasher safe. To prevent wood from drying out or cracking, occasionally rub with food-safe mineral oil.


3 Bowls, (Acacia) | 3 Bowls, (Glass)

Key features

Six bowls, three handcrafted acacia bowls and three tempered glass bowls | Each tempered glass bowl nests into its respective acacia bowl | Glass bowl sizes: 2-3/4 quarts, 1-1/2 quarts, 1-1/2 pints