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Case Studies


A luxury hotel in San Diego, California uses the Monaco beach chair as a luxurious and comfortable lounge around the pool area. This chair’s reclining feature makes it a perfect complement to the relaxed and pampered feelings resort stayers experience during their stay at the hotel.


A tourism bureau purchased the Turismo bags for their employees to use on city tours. The backpacks have an insulated section for water that is separate from the compartment for dry goods, allowing the guides to bring brochures, maps, and other print materials with them on their tours. The Turismo backpacks were brightly printed, making for a loud impact on those who see the bags in use!

BUNDLE: Activo, Brie, Blanket Tote

Major cruise line used a bundle of insulated tote bag, small Brie cheeseboard, and blanket tote as a room gift for a new cruise route.

Chardonnay basket

Chardonnay basket was branded and filled with specialty beverages, snack food, and brochures as a room gift for a prestigious resort

Vista Blanket

A cruise line used the Vista Blanket as a gift to all passengers on a vessel’s maiden voyage. The blankets were branded with the logo of the cruise line and were accompanied by sunglasses, beach sandals, and a voucher for services on board the ship.