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Case Studies


A southern California realtor used the Circo as a thank you gift for referred customers. Each new client referral garnered a logoed Circo board to the individual that referred them.


A large financial institute uses the Brie as an ongoing new client appreciation gift program. The program is in its 5th year and continues to wow recipients while still being a budget-friendly purchase.

Metro Basket

A small farming co-op uses branded Metro Baskets for buyers to take their finds home in. The bags are reused by the recipients to help lessen the impact on the environment, while providing a safe, insulated way to get home from a day at the co-op!


The Portagrillo is used by an insurance agency as a gift for opening an executive policy. The grills are branded with the insurance agency’s logo, and drop shipped with a customized thank you card to the receiver. The Portagrillo has made a welcome entrance into the gift lineup with its’ practicality and ease of use.


Parlor Ice Cream serving set given to new home insurance policy subscribers.