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Case Studies


A law firm used the Pranzo as a holiday gift for their team. The bags were printed with the firm’s logo and personalized for each recipient. The bags were instantly put into use by the team, and they are glad that personalization was added – with so many Pranzo bags in their lunch room, it is easy to tell them apart!

Campsite Chair

The Campsite chair made a big impact at a company holiday party, when all members of the team received a chair with their company’s anniversary logo. The chairs were applauded as comfortable and “not your typical chair” and are still in use by the recipients.


A manufacturing firm is taking their top 50 salespeople on a trip to the Bahamas. The Zuma backpack cooler imprinted and filled with goodies for the salespeople and their guests as a room drop. The bag was a hit! The guests could fill the backpack up with snacks and drinks while exploring the islands, and were able to take home a part of their epic vacation.