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Case Studies

Ventura Seat

A high school booster club uses the Ventura Seat as a fundraising option. Since their introduction of the branded Ventura Seat, fundraising efforts have been successful, and every supporter has a comfortable place to cheer their team on from!

Blanket Tote

The Blanket Tote was given away to over 4500 families participating in a summer camp – this was their welcoming gift for the week.


A mother uses her Topanga Cooler Tote to take lunch to the park with her boys. On a recent outing she took a package of pita bread, a small (8-10 oz) bottle of mayo, a jar of pickles, 1 lb of lunchmeat, a quart size bag of pretzels, 4-10oz water bottles, 4-12 oz water bottles, 2 bananas, 2 pears, small container of potato salad for 4, 4 can of Vienna sausage, and 4 full size candy bars and it all fit in the bag just fine! Five summers later and she still uses her Topanga on family day trips.