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Case Studies

PTZ Chair

A car and truck dealership in Houston, TX included the Picnic Time PTZ Camp Chair as a gift to new truck buyers. The rugged build and outdoor nature of the PTZ clearly reflected the quality and build of the new trucks. The customers are probably more satisfied with the Picnic Time PTZ than their new trucks!

Metro BBQ

A Metro BBQ Tote is given as a gift with purchase from a major automotive retailer.

Travel Table

A sport boat manufacturer gave new boat owners a Travel Table with their purchase. The table is perfect for boating as it can fold up and store away when the boat is moving, and quickly provide a large, stable surface for dining or games when the boat is anchored, or when picnicking ashore!

PT-XL Chair

Luxury car manufacturer used the PT-XL chair as a GWP for a new series of vehicles.


the major automotive manufacturuer used the Buccaneer as a “gift with purchase” for custom-ordered vehicles ordered summer of 2011.