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Just in case you hadn’t already heard, we’ve committed a huge e-commerce faux pas and SKIPPED Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Instead, we’re EXPANDING Giving Tuesday! 

…what does that mean? 

Well, for every purchase this Monday and Tuesday, we will:

  1. Take 25% off for you
  2. Give 25% of the sale to City of Hope 

Just use code GIVING25 at checkout.

This might be one of the easiest ways to fight cancer ever cooked up! This Monday and Tuesday, for every single cheese board, pop up tent, camp chair, and, of course, picnic basket, you’ll get 25% off and we’ll give 25% of the sale to City of Hope! For every single holiday gift you pick up, you’ll get 25% off and we’ll give 25% of the sale to City of Hope! For any little treat, you grab for yourself, you’ll get 25% off and we’ll give 25% of the sale to City of Hope! Got it? Great!

How did we get here? Well, we decided to let everyone at Picnic Time submit their favorite non-profits, and then we voted. And we voted. And we voted some more. In fact, we narrowed down our favorites in 5 rounds of voting, and in the end, we declared City of Hope the winner. That’s really special for a number of reasons. First of all: they just do incredible work, and we’re so excited to support them. City of Hope has been ranked among the nation’s “Best Hospitals” in cancer by US News & World Report for over a decade. As an independent biomedical, treatment, and education center, City of Hope is focused on basic and clinical research in cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and other chronic, life-threatening diseases. And their Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences trains the great doctors and researchers of the future,

But it’s also special because we at Picnic Time have a personal connection to City of Hope. One of our founders, Mario Tagliati, waged a heroic battle with cancer at City of Hope. Although he eventually lost his battle in 2016, we are so grateful for the incredible care he received from the doctors and nurses at this esteemed institution. In his memory, and for so many other cancer warriors past, present, and future, we are so grateful for the opportunity to support City of Hope with your help. Thank you for making a difference with us!

Happy holidays,

The Picnic Time Family

Want to learn more about City of Hope and its mission?  Click here