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The great thing about a potluck is you’re bound to end up with a fun and varied tasty buffet – but the toughest thing about a potluck is trying to get your masterpiece from your home to the party. Whatever your assignment, the right accessory can get your culinary achievement transported safely to your destination.

The Potluck Casserole Tote makes the transport an actual breeze. Whether you’re tasked with bringing in a hot dish of macaroni and cheese or a homemade ice cream cake, the main insulated compartment keeps items exactly the temperature they’re supposed to be. And because it’s zipped up and reinforced, you needn’t worry about a trunkful of tuna casserole because of that sudden right turn.

Naturally, you can’t rely on the organizer to have serving essentials ready to go – if they wanted that responsibility, they’d have cooked it all themselves, right? Pack up utensils and reusable plates in the separate zippered entry section up top. You can even pack some chips up there because we all know the chips person is gonna forget, that’s why they were “chips” in the first place. It’s ok, we love them anyway. But we also love chips, so bring chips. Slide a serving spoon through the side handles and you are ready to go!

Once you arrive, there’s always the chance that some potluck criminals will try to take credit for your world-famous pierogies. Well, not anymore! A framed window slot and ID card will help to ensure your pan makes it back to your kitchen and the accolades land gently upon your shoulders.

In fact, the Potluck Casserole tote manages to remove all possibility of potluck disaster, thereby ensuring Potluck perfection!


Unless of course you just can’t cook. In that case, we recommend that you bring wine and cheese. 

You’ll still be a potluck champion with wine and cheese. Why? Because everybody loves wine and cheese, of course. 



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