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In life, less is not always more. When it comes to appetizers, MORE is more! We’re back with more delicious and fun app spread ideas for your next cocktail party:

How Sweet It Is

Dessert first may not be traditional, but it sure is fun! Your guests can mix in their own favorite ice cream toppings to create new, delicious flavors with this fun and festive Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set. This ice cream mixing set also doubles as a great way to keep kids having fun while parents get their cocktail party on.

A Little Bit of Everything

Why choose between cheese, charcuterie and meats, and veggies? Porque no los…tres?! When you need to spread out because you’ve got so much spread, it may be time to build up, up, up. Level up your options with all three levels of the Serving Ladder – 3 Tiered Serving Station, a fantastic option when you’ve got a lot of food to offer and want to take up less space.

Personalized Snackers

With any delicious appetizer option, you’re still going to run into the same problem: how can you eat these tasty treats and enjoy your wine at the same time? You’ve only got two hands! Let the Wine Appetizer Plate Set of 4 hold the vino for you. These handheld appetizer trays allow you to enjoy a snack, a drink, and a free hand, all at once!

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