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It’s beach season, and you know what that means: debilitating sunburns…

It’s beach season, and you know what that means: heat exhaustion…

It’s beach season, and you know what that means: sun in your eyes all day…

Hold it! 

Okay, the downsides of the beach are many, but none of them outweigh the fun. It’s beach season and that means sun, surf, and togetherness! So, how can you nip all the unpleasant parts in the bud and keep all the good stuff? A sun shelter, of course!

The Manta Portable Beach Tent

This sun shelter shields you from the elements with a lightweight polyester shell. It’s one of our very best-sellers – just make sure you review the folding instructions before you head out on your first trip!

The Brolly Beach Umbrella Tent

Light yet durable, this sun shelter features easy, pull-of-a-string setup and extended shade. Put it all together and it’s brolly the best. (Sorry)

The Cove Portable Beach Tent

For the extremely sun-sensitive, there is no better choice of sun shelter available. This beach tent carries a UPF rating of 50+. The lightweight polyester construction is secure with shock-corded fiberglass poles and 6 metal stakes so it will never blow away on the breeze.

5.5 Foot Portable Beach Umbrella

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. An umbrella worked when you were a kid, and it works just as well now. The large canopy (5.5′ diameter), 81.5″-tall steel pole, 155-degree tilting range, and a pointed end for easier penetration in sand and grass make this the ultimate portable beach umbrella.

And we are sorry to say, there’s one downside we can’t prevent. You will still get sand everywhere. That’s just the price you pay for an awesome day at the beach!