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School’s starting again – we can hear the voices of a million moms shouting “Hooray!” already – and that means we’re back to our very best subject: LUNCH! Sure, Math is useful and English has some great reads, but who can forget the yogurt swaps, food fights, and TMNT thermoses of school-days past? 

Of course, things are a little (or a lot) different these days. Kids have higher standards, and parents expect the function and freshness that a lunch box cooler delivers. As per, well, always, Picnic Time has got you totally covered. Other lunch pails absolutely pale in comparison to these multi-compartment beauties.

For the fashion-forward student, choose from a variety of patterns in this Teen-Vogue-ready lunch sack cooler:

Urban Lunch Bag

If high-function is the name of the game, our tried-and-true standards – made for lunches that can keep a kid going all day, with plenty of room for after school snacks too:

On the Go Lunch Cooler

Pranzo Lunch Cooler Bag


Now, let’s say you want all the bells but also require just a touch more personality with your luncheon? Let’s do this:

Sports! Sports! Sports!:

Whether the team that’s earned your devotion is NHL, NFL, MLB, or NCAA, rep your fan status with an officially licensed, printed-to-order lunch cooler bag. Just pick your cooler, then select your team logo, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your kid can rep their favorite mouse with these Disney delights:

Got a Disney rebel on your hands? We’ll make sure their lunch keeps it all together:

Students can even safely carry lunch and snacks to and from a galaxy far, far away. 

Hey, when I was a kid I had to spacewalk BOTH ways in the SNOW. So, anyway – eat your lunch! And make sure you’re having fun doing it!