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The Manta Sun Shelter is one of our best-selling products. It provides a shady oasis on the beach, at the park, and anywhere else you’d like to relax in the sun – without getting too much sun. I mean, just look at it:

Doesn’t that just scream, “Summer fun,” “sunny memories,” and “portable safe haven?”



We soon discovered that the Manta had a dark side

Oh, dear. It’s always the ones you least expect.

We’ve heard that some people find it can be a little challenging to fold this durable sun shade back into its carrying sack without the proper instruction. Ok, very challenging. You may know it as the Manta, you may know it as the “Stingray” if you’re a TJ Maxx or Homegoods fan, or you may have called it a couple of colorful names of your own when it comes time to fold it up. We have received a few comments that we definitely can’t print here. We were even featured in a “Visit California” commercial…featuring how frustrating the Manta can be. Eep.

We took that to heart.

We watched it on YouTube maybe too many times. We got a bit obsessed.

We even made a GIF:

And then another GIF:


Then we took action. There’s a trick to folding your Manta Sun Shelter, we promise! You’ll soon be folding with ease. These 30-second videos are going to change your life – at least, insofar as your life involves the Manta Sun Shelter.

Video 1 – The original

Video 2 – New and improved

We fixed it, right? YES! Since we put this video out, we’ve accomplished some pretty amazing things.

We’ve saved a few relationships:

We prevented an unfortunate excretory accident:

And we just made a few people’s days better:

And of course, that’s our whole goal: making folks happy! We’re very sorry if you’ve ever kicked, yelled at, or been driven temporarily insane by the Manta Sun Shelter. 

You love us again now, right? Right???

Oh, good. Now, take this new knowledge (and your Manta Sun Shelter) out on the road and have some fun!

Love your Picnic Time Family

p.s. Are you slight of stature? Petite at the party? Small and in charge? Our very own Brooke is here to show you that anybody can fold the Manta with ease! She’s so good at folding the Manta, she’s aiming to win our annual Picnic Time Speed-Folding Championship! Now that’s a major award.  

Watch her folding skills

p.p.s. Hot tip from Ivan, here. Thanks, Ivan.