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Dads! We love ‘em. They fix things, they tell the best (worst) jokes, they listen, they have the best (worst) taste in music, and they don’t get no dang respect (sometimes). But when Father’s Day rolls around, choosing the right gift for your one-of-a-kind Dad can be tough. Have no fear, there are absolutely no ties here. In our Picnic Time laboratory, we’ve done the research and we’ve run the experiments to discover the gifts best suited to your Father’s interests. If you’re looking for gifts scientifically* proven to help Dads feel celebrated for who they truly are and all they’ve done for you, you’re in the right place. It’s a Father’s Day miracle!

*We didn’t actually use any science, per se. We just, you know, asked some of our favorite Dads really nicely. And, wouldn’t you know it, each and every one of them taught us to change our motor oil. Thanks, Dads!

The Hoppy Poppy 

There’s only one king of beers around here, and while he’s definitely your bud, that’s not his lager of choice. In fact, he’s an IPA guy if there ever was one, though he’ll take a fine Stout or a cool, cloudy Hef any day. The CRAFT BEER FLIGHT BEVERAGE SAMPLER is just the thing for this handsome fellow to curate his own tastings.

For the through-and-through Pilsner man, the PILSNER BEER GLASS GIFT SET is just the ticket.

To ensure he has his best brews on hand on the go – and enough on hand to share with the guys – our go to is the INSULATED DOUBLE GROWLER TOTE WITH 64 OZ. GLASS GROWLERS.


The Spirit-ed Sire

The perfect cocktail requires the right tools. We’ve got sets ideal for Dad whether he’s a little Old Fashioned or terribly Tiki:

For the perfect indoor bar: Madison Acacia tabletop bar set

Outside bar setup: Bar backpack portable cocktail set, 

And bar on the go: 10 piece bar tool roll up kit

Thanks to you, Dad’s perfect cocktail is well within reach.

For the whiskey purist in your life, the WHISKEY BOX GIFT SET is perfect. Ice cubes are for hobbyists, but with soapstone cubes, heavy-bottom lowball glasses, and handsome oak box, your Dad is now a professional.

For the man who just loves to share his favorite spirits? The CANTINERO SHOT GLASS SERVING SET will up his game to new heights. Restaurant quality in the comfort of his own home is enough to get any Dad pouring those shots, shots, shots.


The Tailgate Instigator

Let’s say your Father cares deeply about sports. Like, a lot. Like, it’s sort of a way of life for him? Boom, oh so very many of our products are available with officially licensed team logos. Whether his team is MLB, NFL, NHL, or NCAA, we have got you covered.

He’ll be the belle of the tailgating ball – but please don’t tell him we said that – with these tailgating essentials.


Star Wars Geek-Chic Dad

Hey, not all Dads are sports Dads, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t deeply devoted to a franchise. One that has spanned decades. And…galaxies. I think you know what I’m talking about? I’m talking STAR. WARS. Browse officially licensed Star Wars products because, yes, he is your Father. And he deserves it!

We got that. Whether he’s down with the Dark Side:

Or agrees with the rest of the world that Baby Yoda is very cute:

There’s a whole galaxy of officially licensed Star Wars products for you to explore at Picnic Time.


Loud and Proud Disney Daddy

We do travel outside the Star Wars universe too. Disney Daddo belongs here, too! 

Perhaps he is the Incredble-est Incredible:

The Master of Fright:

The Classic D-Land devotee:

Yep, his favorite Disney and Disney Pixar characters grace some of our best-sellers. And doesn’t Dad deserve a little of that Disney magic? The answer is no, he deserves a lot!


The Great Outdoorsman

Who’s that hiking in the sun?

Who makes setting up the tent fun?

It’s camping Dad! 

For the man who is on the go at work all week, and on the way to the nearest National Park every weekend, we’ve got everything he needs to make this trip one to remember.


The Proud Par-Entertainer

When Father’s Day is your chance to celebrate the best celebrator you know, these backyard party upgrades are sure to please. He’s the guy making sure everybody’s trying out his latest beer find:

He’s serving up burgers to die for and ribs you would not BELIEVE:

And you know he needs to find a perfect spot from which he can join the party but still keep that eagle eye on the grill:

Got a party-time poppa? Sweetie, we got you!

Okay, it’s true that there’s no way to encapsulate every kind of Dad – but most importantly, every one of these gifts gives your pop some truly special Father’s Day ways to relax and have fun with the fam and his buddies. Aw! For even more unique, thoughtful Father’s Day ideas, check out our full list of Father’s Day picks here.

Father’s Day is your chance to be the favorite! Um, your chance to help the old man let his true Dad Type shine. Yes, that’s what we meant. Definitely.