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Is your dad as hard to buy for as ours are? Yeah, we figured. Even though our dads are our best friends, when Father’s Day comes around we always seem to be stumped, and conversations with the siblings don’t help much: 

“What about another beer sampler?”

“We get that for him every year.” 

“Yeah, we were even desperate enough to give him another one for his birthday.”

“Fine. But, to be fair, dad does have multiple framed prints of ‘life’s too short for cheap beer’ around the house. I don’t think he would be too mad.”

So, instead of searching high and low for the perfect gift, we decided to go ahead and make our own. Featuring everything your barbeque loving, beer drinking, outdoorsman of a father could ever ask for, these gifts are great enough to finally score you the best IPA when he cracks open a sampler. 


  • BBQ Kit Grill Set & Cooler

Who doesn’t love a two-in-one? This space efficient bag holds your dad’s grilling essentials while also making sure his beer stays icy cold. We’ll raise a glass to that!



  • Beer Caddy Cooler Tote with Opener

This waxed canvas tote will make your dad’s dream of fishing and cold craft beers a reality. With six compartments, he might even let you join, too. 


  • Growler Tap with 64 oz. Glass Growler

The Growler Tap transforms any backyard into the coolest outdoor bar. Game nights will never be the same, trust us. 


Why BYOnly one when you can bring two?! One bottle for dad and one for you. Make it happen with the 2 Bottle Insulated Wine Tote.



  • Craft Beer Flight Beverage Sampler

There’s nothing more fun than testing out a new flight of beers! Whether or not your father has a favorite, tried and true beverage, this sampler is a winner. 



  • Madison Acacia Tabletop Bar Set

Make every night a party with the Madison Acacia Tabletop Bar set. Your dad will feel like a professional bartender, and you’ll get great drinks too!



  • On the Go Lunch Cooler

Barbeque is almost always better the next day, right? This cooler’s expandable design means it can fit all of his side dishes, too. 


  • Fusion Backpack Chair with Cooler

Like your dad, we’ll never admit to having a favorite. But, we will say that we really, really love this backpack chair. It’s portability and variety of compartments make it the ultimate gift for any enthusiastic day hiker or camper. 


Each of these unique gift ideas are sure to make this Father’s Day the best yet! Click through our website for more options and colors. 

The only thing we have left to say? Hopefully he’ll share.